Play pirate online

Before you is a popular slot from the company Igrosoft, which migrated to the online establishment of real gambling clubs. Almost completely he has repeated the original slot, but the gambling pirate has changed little to the best. There are now more ways to get the profit. The symbolism has remained unchanged, these are the same things the pirate – telescopes, swords, barrels of rum and of course pirates.


The game operation and particularities of the online slots

Mastery of the slot is equal to other such slots. The game is started with the help of the button “Lines”. The lines are chosen by the keys “Lines”, and you can make the bet equal at most and on all lines. For this one must use the key “Max bet” or the button “Bet” for individual bets need. There is also automatic play function, which is started with the help of the “Auto play” button. The list of successful combinations is shown in the table, which is opened with the “Help” key.


Game symbols in gambling Pirate

In the online slot, there is a special symbol that is given to each other to form the successful combination. This is a picture of pirate. This will not end the peculiarities of the online slots. This game of chance gives you the opportunity to form successful combinations alternately. That is from the right extreme side of the drum to the left. Same variants are counted.


Like many other slot machines from this company, an online slot pirate can also offer bonus games to the gambler. There is not a bonus round there, but two. The first bonus round will appear with simultaneous appearance on the screen three or more characters with picture of the box. The second game is started after the appearance of three barrels of rum on the screen.


Bonus game

As already mentioned, there are several bonus games in this online slot. The first game was called a roll on the screen for more than three tribes at once. The game is simple – you have to take the turn of five boxes. Some may have one price, and the other is empty. Selection of the empty box means the end of the bonus game. If a player has been lucky enough to open all five boxes and find an empty one, they automatically enter the second bonus game. It can also start after the same appearance of 3 or more barrels of rum.


So we keep our fingers crossed and hope that in the online slot Pirate you will get a lot of positive emotions and fun from the free game or a real money game.


Good luck with the game!