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The mysterious past always beckoned with his primitive and unknown things. This game is put to you in the time of several hundred years, when people believed in magic and witchcraft, and even if in the courts of the kings were such positions as court magicians and astrologers. Studying with the sorcerers meant in those remote days a very honorable and responsible work. Whereby the teacher wizard himself defines an apprentice. Developers of the company Novomatic will send all those who want to have a teacher of witchcraft and sorcery and without registration, in the game Slots Mystery Secrets in an online casino. You will visit the old teacher who possessed mysterious magic and he wrote a mystical book. He will share his knowledge with you and he makes online gambling more profitable for casino volcano visitors.


Properties of the Slot Mystic Secrets

If you start playing this slot, you will be on the edge of the forest, where on the horizon you can see the majestic buildings of the old city with the spiers and towers. On this background is a drum of the device, which has various beautiful circles. The color scale of the slot is executed in pastel colors that emphasize the special atmosphere of the time. It is impossible to ignore the graphic design of each character because they are all adorned with beautiful pictures, even the card characters are made with the utmost care. In the plot of the slot, there is a place for love, because it is a beautiful red-haired sorcerer’s daughter, who will bring romantic notes to the gambling. The same assistant will do everything to help the players if they will play for money or for free.


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This game has enough beautiful and quality made slots, where you can see many of the characteristics of the Middle Ages. You can also customize it without registration. The combinations of symbols makes you richer than anyone who is lucky enough to get. And she only cares about the most dangerous of us. Those who are not afraid to risk a big bet can lose everything. In this Mystery Secrets is one on the best online game that has its fans, who always choose this slot. Because every person has a good opportunity to get the big and real money. By and large, there are not so many slot machines that can offer such good and exciting controls.